This species of marten is generally nocturnal, and solitary except during the breeding season. This animal's locomotion is dependent on how fast it is going: when moving at a slow pace, the back feet are at a slight angle off center from the front feet; when running, the hind feet land in the same spot as the front feet. This mustelid is an enthusiastic climber, often pursing bird nests. On the ground, the stone marten pounces upon unsuspecting prey. The beech marten is considered to be a pest in some humanized areas, as it dens in attics and barns; it may also raid domestic rabbits from their hutches, and chickens from their coop.
Beech Marten


Items such as rodents, birds' eggs, invertebrates, fruits, and vegetables make up the beech marten's natural diet. Garbage and small domestics (rabbits and chickens) may also be included in the diet if the animal dens near areas inhabited by humans.

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