The Eurasian badger lives in Britain, Ireland, mainland Europe and Asia, and Japan. Where food supplies are good, this species lives socially in groups. Dens - known as setts - can be extensive, with many entrances, tunnels and chambers.


In most of Britain and western Europe, Earthworms form the largest part of the badger's diet, and whenever weather conditions are right (mild and damp), badgers will head for those areas where they know they are likely to find worms on the surface. Foraging for worms is most effective in areas of short grass (5 centimetres high or less), so well-grazed pastures are preferred, and well-maintained amenity grasslands (playing fields, golf courses and garden lawns) may also be used if they fall within the badger's territory.

Badgers midhurst2

A Eurasian badger, eating from a bowl.

Species of Badger

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