Everett's ferret badger occurs only in Mt. Kinabalu on the Northern tip of the Indonesian island of Borneo. They live in the forest from 900 to 3700 m elevation. The Everett's ferret badger is one of three species of ferret badger, in the common genus Melogale. They all are very similar in appearance, aside from slight differences in the markings on the face and the white dorsal stripe. Unlike other badger species, the ferret badgers have elongated, thin bodies set on short legs; it is from their appearance that their common name is derived. Their muzzle is long and pointed, and conical in shape. Their face is not as broad as other badger species. Their tails are long and bushy. Their paws are broad, with thick claws used for digging. The paw pads are ridged, and digits have partial webbing between them. This is thought to help assist them climbing trees. Their thick, short fur is grayish to grey-brown on the body, with black and white markings on the face. Generally, there is a horizontal black band across the top of the muzzle and another band across the forehead between the ears. Two thinner black stripes extend vertically from the nose, across the eyes, and joins the band on the forehead. A small black spot is present on each cheek. A thick, white dorsal stripe extends from the top of the head, starting from within the black band on the forehead, and running along the spine down the back, tapering in thickness and stopping in this species at the shoulders. The muzzle, sides of the face, and throat are white. The ears, nose and toes are pink.

Species of Badger

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