The hog badger has a boldly-striped face and greyish or brownish body like its close relative the Eurasian badger. Unlike its cousin however, it has a naked, pig-like nose. It lives in the forested hills and mountains of south-east Asia. The hog badger is also known as the hog-nosed badger, the bear-pig and the sand badger. The Italian for hog badger is tasso naso di porco, and the German is Schweinsdachs. In China, the hog badger is called Zhu-huan or huan-zhu, while in Indonesia it is known as pulusan or babi batang.


The hog badger is omnivorous, and roots in the ground rather like a pig to find its food. The following food items are eaten: Earthworms[1] Roots[2] and Tubers Fruit.

Species of Badger

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