The Indonesian Mountain Weasel is found on the islands of Sumatra and Java in Indonesia. They live most often in mountainous tropical rainforest areas. Because it is so genetically close to the Siberian Weasel, it is assumed that their lifestyles and behaviors are much alike. The Siberian weasel makes its den in the hollows of trees, under rocks, and will often take over a rodent’s burrow that has been deserted. It often will line its nest with leaves and feathers, sometimes even using its own fur. Weasels in general are nocturnal animals and will not move often during the day. They seem to be solitary animals, only keeping company when they are very young. There aren’t any listed predators for the weasel, but they are extremely fierce and probably wouldn’t be worth the effort for many major predators.
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Species of Weasels

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