The marbled polecat is named for its varied coat pattern of yellow, brown, red, black, and white. The marbled polecat's face has a distinctive mask appearance of black and white, and its back has a saddle-shape of colors. It also has a dense, bushy tail and short legs and long claws, which enable it to chase after rodents and to burrow. Like most mustelids, marbled polecats can emit a strong odor, used for marking their territory and warning off threats. They are small animals, not reaching more than forty-five centimeters in length and weighing only one to three pounds.
Marbol polecat


The marbled polecat eats a variety of foods, consisting of beetles, snails, rodents, small birds, lizards, eggs, small rabbits, fish, and sometimes fruit. Its population will vary depending on the availability of these food supplies.

Species of Polecats

Marbled Polecat | Striped Polecat