The Yellow-bellied weasel gets its name from its sulfur yellow colored underbelly. The dorsal surfaces of the pelt including the tail are a dark chocolate-brown with the edge of the upper lip, chin and a little of the fore throat being yellowish-white. The tail is more than half the length of the head and body. The foot pads are well developed and are not always covered with hair with the soles of the hind foot being bald. The head and body length of the Yellow-bellied weasel can range from 215 to 290 mm, and the tail can range in length from 125 to 190 mm. Yellow-bellied weasel's weight is around 1.56 kg.


Yellow-bellied weasels eat mostly rodents such as mice, rats, and voles. They will also eat birds and small mammals. Excellent sight, hearing, and sense of smell enables Mustela kathiah to easily track its prey. With its lean build, it is able to chase rats and mice in their burrows and kill them with a bite to the neck.

Weasel yellow

A painting of a yellow-bellied weasel.

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