India to Southeast Asia. In temperate and coniferous forest. The Yellow-throated marten is one of Korea's larger predatory animals. It is a solitary animal that has adapted well to forest life. Its front paws and strong legs are ideal for gripping branches, while its tail helps maintain its balance. This medium- sized carnivore is slightly diurnal, but hunts both in trees and on the ground at night. It is preyed upon by other lager carnivores and eagles, and is occasionally killed by humans for it's pelt. When in danger it escapes up into the trees and releases a noxious smell. This agile climber is also adapted well for moving on the ground using long leaps to bound across the forest floor.


Its diet consists mainly of squirrels and mice, but it will also eat small birds, arthropods, and soft fleshy fruits and berries.

Species of Marten

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